Teenage Pregnancy Facts

Teenage pregnancy is an extremely important social issue nowadays. There are health risks, not only for the baby but their teenage mothers also. Also, there are many social stigmas that are faced by the teenage mother, and these mothers are likely to suffer from emotional problems.Following are some interesting teenage pregnancy facts and figures.

Pregnancy Facts

In United States, out of 1000 teenage births, the birth rate was 55.6 and the abortion rate was 30.2. This teenage birth rate is considered to be the highest in the world.
Save the Children, an international organization, found that 13 million children are annually born to women who are under the age of 20 and 90% of them are from developing countries.

There are many teenage pregnancy facts, and we will discuss them in the following paragraphs:

Teenage Pregnancy Facts

Early marriage and lack of usage of birth control methods, is one of the most frequent causes seen in the developing world. On the other hand, many teenagers are not taught about the methods of the usage of birth control methods, and due to this lack of education on safe sex, many teenage pregnancy facts related to sexuality.

In a study of US teenagers, it was found that 29% of teens were reported to have an urge of having sex, while 33% sexually active teens were reported to be in a relation where they thought, that things were going too fast towards sexuality. 24% also said that they had done something sexual, which they really did not want to do. Most of the polls also blamed peer pressure, for driving them into a sexual contact.

There are some drugs, which have also been found to link strongly with teenage pregnancy facts. They are known as ‘inhibitions reducing drugs,’ and drugs with the strongest evidence linked to teenage pregnancy are cannabis, amphetamines and alcohol.

Studies suggest that a percentage of teenage pregnancy is also accountable to sexual abuse, and dating violence. In sexual abuse, 11 to 12 percent pregnancies in teenagers are linked to mothers having forced and untoward sexual experiences.

The biggest threat to the world because of teenage pregnancy facts, is the economic burden put on the already poverty struck globe. Not only does it affect the whole world, but it affects individual teenage mothers, who have to drop out from high school to care for their child and earn a living for both of them. The family of the teenage girl does not accept the girl, and it creates a lot of problems for the girl to accommodate herself in a society where thousands of untoward comments are passed.

The world urgently needs to bring a huge drop in the teenage pregnancy percentage, in order to find relief from individual and the global socioeconomic burdens. Sex education should be imparted as a separate course module in schools, and high schools, so that students learn from it, and implement the avoidance of teenage pregnancy facts in their lives