Signs of Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most important phases in a woman’s life. It is a life changing experience that brings with it the bountiful joys of motherhood. However, before experiencing these joys, every mother to have to go through a tough 9 months phase in which she experiences the signs of pregnancy. Even though this is an excitement in itself but still it is difficult for the majority of women to cope with pregnancy and related symptoms.

Early Signs Of Pregnancy

Every woman has her own body rhythm, which is likely to get disturbed when she gets pregnant. However, signs of pregnancy do not begin until almost the fourth week of the pregnancy. Here are the first signs of pregnancy likely to be experienced by every woman.

What Are The Early Signs Of Pregnancy

A missed period is the primary sign of pregnancy. Women, who tend to have a regular period otherwise, might notice this as the complete sign of pregnancy. Even in others, this sign is the most likely sign of pregnancy.

signs of pregnancy

Other signs your pregnant is Implantation bleeding. This pinkish brown discharge is noticed usually eight days after ovulation and can be mistaken for a period sometimes. However, it is caused by the burrowing of egg in the endometrial lining.

Food cravings can also be a sign of pregnancy. Usually, women tend to get fascination for different food items since the beginning of the pregnancy. On the other hand, there are also women who get food repulsions, which means having a distaste for certain food items. The sense of taste also alters in some women and this probably brings the taste or distaste factor into their lives.

Nausea and morning sickness is another signs of pregnancy. Mostly women suffer from morning sickness after a few weeks of conception. This morning sickness is carried throughout the day in the form of continual nausea for the first 15-16 weeks.

Fatigue is another signs of pregnancy. This is because of the higher levels of progesterone hormone in your body. Most women experience extreme fatigue and exhaustion during early days of their pregnancy. Women might also experience too frequent trips to the bathroom. This is because of the hormone hCG or human chronic gonadotropin. As the embryo implants itself this hormone is produced by the woman’s body which results in frequent urination.

Tender and swollen breasts are another possible signs of pregnancy. This might be sort of painful for some women but this pain will subside once the hormone surge is over. Additionally, the areolas also get darker during pregnancy. However, this could also be because of some kind of hormonal imbalance.

Apart from these signs, pregnant women might also experience Montgomery’s tubercles, skin changes, and several other unique symptoms. Signs that you are pregnant with different women vary considerably. However, most of the above signs of pregnancy are present in most of the pregnancies. It is, therefore, best to at least conduct a home pregnancy test. This test will give you a fair idea about the pregnancy, after which you can consult a doctor