Pregnancy Timeline

Pregnancy timeline starts from conception till the time the baby is born. Here, we outline for you a pregnancy timeline week by week which you should follow closely and complete all the necessary procedures given under the headings of the particular weeks.

Pregnancy Timeline

Pre-conception period:

  • Visit your dentist and if you require any dental procedures, get them done now (make sure that your dentist uses properly sterilized equipments).
  • Get a pre-conception checkup done by your obstetrician, and take all the relevant advice from him/her.
  • Get your vaccinations done for tetanus, German measles and chicken pox.
  • You should talk to your family regarding any birth defects, miscarriages and genetic disorders that are currently present in the family.
  • Start taking some pre-natal vitamins and if you are self employed, apply for a private disability policy.
    Weeks 1 to 8:
  • Get a pregnancy test done to confirm pregnancy, and tell your partner the good news immediately.
  • Schedule a pre natal check up with your obstetrician between 4 to 8 weeks.
  • Figure out how your pregnancy, baby and maternity will be affecting your pregnancy.
  • Create a savings account to save money for your child, and organize your budget in a way so as to save money.
    Weeks 8 to 12:
  • Get a Chorionic Villous Sampling done, and after that get a ‘Nuchal translucency screening’ in 10-12 weeks, and then a screening for chromosomal disorder in week 10-14.
  • Have another antenatal checkup done.
    Weeks 12 to 16:
  • If you are working, tell your boss about your pregnancy and then start planning for maternity leave, and then decide your postpartum work schedule.
  • Pay a visit to your doctor and meanwhile, get ready to break the news to your friends and family.
    Weeks 16 to 20:
  • Get a mid-pregnancy ultrasound done.
  • Between weeks 15 to 18, get an Amniocentesis and triple screen test done.
  • Notice, tell and confirm the milestones of your baby (such as the baby’s gender, heart sounds, baby kicks and belly show) with your obstetrician.
    Weeks 20-24:
  • Do not forget to visit your doctor during these weeks, and join any child birth classes if you want to.
    Weeks 24 to 32:
  • Pay 3 visits to the doctor during these 8 weeks and start counting the fetal kicks. Make your husband also feel the kicks.
    Weeks 32 to 36:
  • Find out what screening tests are given by your local hospitals to the newborn and in this one month, pay two doctor visits. Get a Group B streptococcal test in the 35th to 37th weeks.
    Weeks 36 to delivery:
  • Pay regular doctor visits every week, and get non stress tests and bio-physical profiles done. Get ready for all sorts of obstetric procedures, and consult your obstetrician regarding the different methods that could be implemented in order to ease the labor pains.

• Last but not the least, think of a baby’s name with your husband.