Pregnancy Facts

Pregnancy is considered to be one of the emotionally attached phases of a woman’s life. Therefore, every woman should make herself knowledgeable to certain facts of pregnancy in order to have a healthy and smooth period of nine months on way. The aim of this article is to focus on these few of this important pregnancy facts which will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs. So, what I’d like to do is to put a few pregnancy facts and figures in front of you that are meant to reassure in some cases and to act as gentle warnings in others

Facts of Pregnancy

The first fact that women should know relating to pregnancy is that the first three months (and particularly 3 to 8 weeks after last menstrual period) are considered to be the most important months in the entire nine months of pregnancy. This is because the body is under extreme stress of making two cells into a zygote which then divides to make an embryo which then further divides into a cluster of cells, tissues and organs.

Pregnancy Facts

The 4th to 9th months of pregnancy are just to increase the size of the baby and give it a proper finishing,. Hence it is required by all women to take special care of their diet and avoid substances such as alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine etc. which have adverse pregnancy facts.

The second fact that should be known to women is that during pregnancy, there are some infections that can cross the placenta and can be transmitted from mother to baby. They are known as the trans-placental infections or TORCHES. They are described as follows:

TO – Toxoplasmosis R – Rubella C – Cytomegalovirus HE – Herpes Simplex and Hepatitis S – Syphilis
Every woman should know all of the ways from which they can prevent themselves from these infections. These infections can have dangerously adverse effects on the baby and can lead to the babies getting infected too.

While discussing about pregnancy facts, it is also vital to discuss about teenage pregnancy. The pregnancy facts and figures that have been quoted by governmental organizations emphasize that 95% of the teenage pregnancies are unintended. The figures of 2002 quote that 10% of these mothers are between the ages of 15 and 17 and have graduated high school at the time when they get pregnant. Also, 80% of these children are born to high school teenage drop outs while only 8% are born to those women who are married during their high school age. Regardless of all these facts, it is grossly seen that these mothers have a lot of hardships in raising their babies at such an early age and even their husbands are not earning so well at the time when the babies are born. Hence first world countries are currently in urgent need to impart laws that can control/decrease the incidence of teenage pregnancies in order to relieve the economic burden that these children impart on their parents individually and to the countries collectively.

Apart from all these facts, there are some other pregnancy facts also: women should not bear a weight of more than 25 pounds on them during their course of pregnancy, they shouldn’t eat mercury containing fish, should have Tetanus Toxoid vaccinations during their pregnancy and should participate in light pregnancy exercises.