Foods To Avoid During Pregnancy

Its dream of every woman out there to get pregnant as it completes a woman and takes its personality to another pinnacle. Pregnancy journey seems to be tough and a bit hard but believe me, it is the most joyful journey with an everlasting pleasure. The ecstasy, bliss and elation of getting pregnant has no other comparison. One feels a constant changes physically and emotionally both and nurturing a child in your womb for nine months is something that makes you real woman. In this article we will discuss different aspects of pregnancy. Lets come straight to the point, first of all we will have a look at your diet plan and the food items that can help you and your unborn child to be healthy.

Foods To Avoid When Pregnant

There are many foods to avoid during pregnancy at any cost as it will have a negative impact. Nothing is more important than your health, hormonal surge make you carving but to avoid some foods can help you a lot as it will have a long lasting impact on the health of your child. Below you will find a list of foods to avoid during pregnancy.

Seafood: Never ever try to have seafood during pregnancy as it can even lead to miscarriage. High salt in seafood can increase your blood pressure or even diarrhea. Smoked seafood contains bacteria that can also lead to infection.

Raw Meat: raw meat contains blood if it not properly cooked, it can lead to toxoplasmosis, and you might be exposed to flu like diseases, which can ultimately lead to miscarriage or even death as you know pregnancy is very sensitive matter.

Caffeine: If you intake excessive caffeine it can lead to miscarriage or even you child can be underweight. So, limit your caffeine, it is mostly found in tea, chocolates and related items.

Carbonated Drinks: Avoid beverages like soft drinks, juices and stuff like that it causes several infections and as you might now mood swings re common during pregnancy it accelerates the process.

Sugar-Rich Foods: Instead of using artificial sugar rich foods like candies. cakes, desserts, pastries and stuff like that try to use natural fruits, sugar rich food lead to weight gain, vomiting and constipation.

Foods To Take During Pregnancy

After the list of foods to avoid during pregnancy lets have a look at foods to eat when pregnant.

Dairy Products: Dairy Products contains plenty of calcium and proteins that is more than necessary for your growing fetus. you need to intake more probiotic supplements as it reduces risk of severe complications.

Eggs:  Eggs are the most nutrient diet, it contains everything you need to stay healthy. It contains more than 70 calories, fats, proteins and a lot more. Choline is also present in eggs and it is essential for brain development.

Dry Fruits: Minerals, fiber, vitamins and calories are contained by dry fruits. It  have same benefits as fresh fruits. But be conscious while taking, because it is generally recommended to take single serving at a time because excessive use of anything is not good.

Lean Meat: Chicken, Mutton and Beef are high source of lean meat. It contains proteins, iron an vitamin-B it is good for almost everyone out there but especially pregnant woman.  During pregnancy many woman face iron deficiency other than frits especially apples, lean meat is a good source of having iron.

As I have mentioned above pregnancy is the most joyful moment of life, but to enjoy these moments you need to take some precautionary measures.