First Week Of Pregnancy

The needs to be clearly understood by women. First week of pregnancy is not when fertilization occurs and the zygote starts to grow. The first week is to be counted from the first day of the Last Menstrual Period.

For instance, if a woman had her last menstrual period on 5th January, we will consider the first week to start from 1st January. The reason why the first week of pregnancy is counted even before the intercourse occurs is because it helps to make the calculation easier and simple.

Early Signs of Pregnancy 1st Week

Now once it is agreed upon that the first week of pregnancy starts with the onset of periods, we will now discuss the first week. It is basically the time of menses. Here the woman is actually planning to conceive with her husband when she gets over with the periods. The first week of pregnancy symptoms such as abdominal cramping, pain in abdomen, back and spotted bleeding through vagina are normally seen in a woman.

first week of pregnancy

First week of pregnancy is considered to be the ideal time when a woman should study about pregnancy. She should buy some pregnancy books, browse online websites and read online articles as to how to go about her pregnancy. The first week of pregnancy is an extremely fruitful time which can be availed properly to understand and to gain knowledge about pregnancy.

The first week and the times even before it are considered ideal for getting rid of all the addictions. The embryo is very delicate and addictions such as alcohol, smoking and central nervous system stimulating drugs are considered to be very harmful for the embryo. Hence, one should abstain from alcohol, smoking and over-the-counter drugs if one is planning to get pregnant after periods.

First week is also an ideal time to diagnose any clinical illness and to get rid of them. For example, if you have Hepatitis B or Tuberculosis, the diseases and the drugs used to treat them can be really harmful for your child. So if you are planning to get pregnant and are still having your periods, visit your doctor so that he/she decides whether you can get pregnant considering the drugs you are taking or not.

If you are not suffering from any disease, you should visit your doctor even then and ask about the drugs that are contraindicated in pregnancy and should be totally avoided. This will make you understand which drugs to avoid during pregnancy.

Another important aspect of the first week of pregnancy is the information pertaining to your nutrition. In this regard, it is beneficial to go to the obstetrician and ask her about the diet that you should take during the different stages of pregnancy. If you keep all this information in your mind, you will definitely have a smooth and easy pregnancy and delivery.