Alcohol And Pregnancy

While some experts are of the view that alcohol has a really adverse effect on pregnancy, others believe that occasional drinking does not have that much of a negative impact on the health of a foetus. This piece of writing will focus on the spectrum of ways in which alcohol and pregnancy both can affect and will answer the question: whether it is okay to drink alcohol during pregnancy or not.

No one can surely say about the effects that alcohol has on pregnancy. However, with regards to alcohol and pregnancy, various studies have been conducted. Many recent studies have been conducted which suggest that women who consume one glass of alcohol per day are at an increased risk of learning, speech, attention and behavioral problems (for example hyperactivity) in their babies.

In the context of behavioral problems, a recent study has been conducted which suggests that mothers who consume alcohol only once a week have had babies with behavioral problems.

Drinking Alcohol during Pregnancy :

alcohol and pregnancy

Alcohol and Pregnancy first trimester are like two profound enemies. This is because in the first trimester, the foetus is in the process of development. All the vital organs and functions are being developed in a child at that time. At the same time, the placenta is also being formed, which is a form of communication between a mother and a foetus.

By its chemical nature, alcohol can readily traverse the placental barrier and can enter the foetal blood circulation. Here, alcohol is very slowly absorbed by the foetus and may cause severe devastation as a result of which many pregnancies end up in miscarriages.

With heavy and chronic drinkers, another problem associated with alcohol is: Foetal Alcohol Syndrome and it is on the rise nowadays. It is basically a pattern of mental and physical disorders in which there are varying degrees of growth deficiencies associated with facial, and central nervous system (functional and neurological abnormalities). Due to this dreaded syndrome, the British Department of Health and the Surgeon General of the United States says NO to alcohol, during the entire duration of pregnancy.

It has also been investigated that alcohol has a tendency to cause cell loss and neuronal damage in the foetal brain because it acts as a toxic substance that foetus cannot metabolize because its systems are not as efficient as those of adults. Alcohol also remains as one of the causes due to which there are difficulties in impulse controlling, learning, social perception, memory, math skills, judgment, attention, cognition, attention and hyperactive problems, communication and executive functioning.

Alcohol has been officially declared as teratogenic (a substance which is considered to be dangerous for the growing foetus). Yet, there has been no official amount of alcohol consumption that has been declared as safe for women to consume. Hence, it can be concluded that keeping in view all the researches and the devastations that alcohol can cause in pregnancy, it is advised to all women to stay away from alcohol, at least for the 9 months of pregnancy.