How To Get Pregnant

After getting married many couples decides to start a family by having a kid while others want to enjoy their couple time without kids for some time. How to Get Pregnant? Getting pregnant is very easy for some people as they conceive in the very first month after marriage but this is not as easy for many couples for which there can be some reasons. According to studies approximately 80-90 percent couples get the good news of getting pregnant in the first year while rest takes longer or require the medical approach to conceive.

How To Get Pregnant Soon

how to get pregnantFor couples trying hard to conceive but are not being successful they can throw the question of “how to get pregnant?’’ to their consultant doctor. Pregnancy occurs when a male sperm fuses with the female’s egg to understand the ways of getting pregnant one must know the reproductive cycles of both male and female so that they can try to how to conceive on the days of more probability of getting pregnant. Once you both decided to start a family, you should sit and talk to each other to know the fertile days. Most of you now thinking about “what are fertile days?”. Fertile days are the days in female’s reproductive cycle during which egg is being released from the ovary, and if you have sex in these days, your chances of getting pregnant are very high. In this article, we are going to tell you the ways to get pregnant fast and easy. Most of you might be thinking how do you get pregnant soon we are going to tell you the step by step approach to follow if you are from the percentage of people who have been trying long to get pregnant but are not getting the good news.

How to Become Pregnancy

Getting pregnant is not just a matter of having sex, but it involves many other aspects besides having sex on fertile days like changing your lifestyle which makes your body to cope up with the pregnancy so that risks of miscarriages and abortions can be limited to a minimum. If you want to know how to get pregnant quickly just go through our whole guide and you’ll come to know the fastest and best ways to get pregnant

Lifestyle Changes

tips to get pregnant fastAs said above, to conceive you have to modify your lifestyle which has a positive impact on your fertility. Maintaining healthy lifestyle also prepares your body to cope up with the challenges of pregnancy. Maintaining a healthy weight and doing regular exercise can help both male and female to increase their chances of fertility. As being overweight can affect sperm mobility and their quality. Also, being overweight can suppress ovulation, and it’ll be difficult for an obese person to get pregnant fast. A recent study has shown that obese couple can take 55-59 percent longer time to get pregnant. For optimum health, you also have to eat a healthy diet which includes an appropriate percentage of proteins and carbs. Better avoiding to have too much junk food, carbonated drinks, and other market available eateries. Try to eat natural, healthy homemade diet. It will increase your chances and help getting pregnant.

Following are some of the important aspects to consider if you are wondering how to get pregnant easily


It has a vital role in gearing you up for pregnancy keeping you active and making your body to get ready for sperm acceptance making more chances of its fertilization with the egg. Exercise can boost the fertility in both men and women

Start Taking Folic Acid

Folic acid is crucial for baby’s normal development, and it also increases chances of ovulation and fertilization. It should be taken as soon as you decide to get pregnant and have to be continued throughout the whole pregnancy. It also helps to get pregnant soon.

Stop Smoking

Smoking can badly reduce the chances of fertilization. If you want to get pregnant faster stop smoking immediately. Smoking also related to fertility issues in both male and female. A harmful chemical found in smoke such as nicotine and carbon monoxide increase the rate of loss of woman’s egg. It also ages ovaries rapidly and makes her deplete of eggs prematurely.

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Limit Caffeine Intake

According to studies too much caffeine intake also reduces your chance of getting pregnant soon. So, limit your caffeine intake to the minimum.

Visit A Doctor

Your obs/gyne consultant can give you the best answer for how to get pregnant. She can tell you the best ways to get pregnant, so it is a must for couples to have a visit to the doctor for best advises on ways to get pregnant.

Stop Using Birth Control

If you are on birth control pills or procedures, you have to avoid them to conceive but remember the long-term birth control ways takes some time to regain fertility. So, you have to be patient in this case.

Track Fertile Days

On average normal menstrual cycle length is 28 days with the range of 24-35 days. In an average of 28 days, roughly ovulation or the day of an egg release is 14th day +/- 2-3 days. So, the fastest way to get pregnant is to have sex around these days means you must have sex on alternate days from the 12th day of the cycle until the 17th day. The life of an unfertilized egg is approximately 24 hours whereas an average life of sperm in the female body is 72 hours. Therefore, to get pregnant sperm must come in the female body around 14th day and stay there till the 17th day.

However, the cycle length is not same for every female it may differ, and you have to calculate the ovulatory days yourself or via help of ovulation calculator

You can predict your ovulation by certain common symptoms which are easy to feel once you try to predict ovulation these are

  • Rise in basal body temperature (try to measure basal body temperature same time each day during your cycle)
  • Lower abdominal cramping
  • Breast tenderness
  • Increased sex drive
  • Light PV spotting
  • Changes in cervical mucus. It is most reliable to know ovulation as its appearance changes to raw egg white being more slippery, clear and stretchy to aid sperm progression towards an egg.

Ovulation Prediction Kits

If you are thinking about HOW TO GET PREGNANT? These ovulation prediction kits are one of your tool to trying to get pregnant. You can easily purchase them online or at your nearby pharmacy. These are strips similar to pregnancy detection strips, it measures levels of LH (luteinizing hormone) which is at its peak level just before the release of an egg and once LH level is at its maximum egg will be released within12-24 hours. So, if you have sex at this point, you’ll probably get pregnant faster than any other tips for getting pregnant as this is the best way to get pregnant.

It is advisable that you and your partner must have sex every other day starting on the 10th day of your cycle (which is the 10th day from your 1st day of periods) and when you get positive results on ovulation prediction kit have sex that day and keep doing this activity for next two more days. Sperms average life is about 3-5 days inside the female body while egg remains alive for 12-24 hours once released. Time your sex to around these calculated days to make the fastest way to get pregnant.

Dos And Don’ts Of Sex

  • Lie On Your Back After Sex: As the vagina is sloping downwards so to maximize the chances of sperm to pool higher in the vagina, you should lie down for some time after having sex. In this way, sperms swim toward egg more efficiently.
  • Having Sex In Morning: Some studies have shown that sperm count is higher in morning time so better try to have sex in the morning.
  • Positiions Get Pregnant Fast: There is no single position which claims to be the best way to get pregnant but try to use the position in which the female partner will be on her back after its over
  • Using Lubricant: Many people are of the view that using lubricant may aid in sperm mobility, but the truth is lubricant formulas alters the vaginal PH which decreases sperm mobility.

Age Related Fertility Issues

Be aware of age related fertility issues as many couples decide to spend a long time without kids, and after 5-6 years they decide to start a family, but with progressing, age fertility problems increase and hence the risks of miscarriages and abortions also increases in advancing ages. If you are going through the ways to get pregnant or you are thinking how to get pregnant make sure you are not above 35 years of age. Once you crossed your 35 your egg quality and quantity declines and it’ll become hard for you to get pregnant quickly. It is recommended that age of twenties is best to get pregnant as your body is in full energy and fertility problems are rare in this age group.

With advancing age, other female health issues also become common as uterine fibroids, endometriosis, fallopian tubes blockage which have serious effects on fertility making it hard to conceive. According to studies, women’s fertility starts to decline after 30 years of age, sharper decline after 35 years and steep decline in fertility after 40 years of age which further increases the chance of other abnormalities as chromosomal abnormalities.


Relax! Don’t stress out yourself if you are not getting pregnant. Stress in one of the common cause of delaying pregnancy as stress disturbs the female’s menstrual cycles making ovulation irregular and you can’t track your ovulation in irregular periods effectively. Stress also affect sperm production and quality. So, if you want to get pregnant soon keep your life stress free.